We consist of a group of farms in the highlands of ECUADOR, where the most amazing ROSES and OTHER FLOWERS are grown.

Altogether the we cover 34 hectares of greenhouses were more then 100 varieties are being cultivated. Our strategical location on the Equator allows us to have sunlight 10 hours per day while taking advantage of the volcanic soil and cristal clear water of the volcano´s glaciers.

The temperatures during the day vary between 20-25 degrees which is perfect for growing thick stems and big buds.

The lower tempratures at night assure strong and vivid colors of our roses.

Our exclusive group of clients accept nothing but the highest standards in the business, we invite you to join and work with us!
If you want to have a competitive advantage over your competition, we suggest you try our Roses and other Flowers, we guarantee an outstanding product and service.

Why buy from us?

Bellavista, Manuel Maria Borrero
# 62 y Abel Gilbert
(+593) 2 5103870
(+593) 2 5103871

USA Direct: 786-46 ROZEN
US/CA: 1800-282-0753
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• Bigger Buds
• Brighter Colors
• Longer Vase Life
• Beautiful Foliage
• Better Packaging
A lot varieties and products
• Assistance with transport

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